Local Feature: Cat & Craft Cafe

Free this upcoming weekend but want to relax? We propose an activity that requires only snacking + snuggles: Cat and Craft Cafe in Vista, CA.

Their menu features locally sourced ingredients that are fresh and seasonal with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. Their coffee isn’t bad either. Their salted caramel latte should have a disclaimer: drink this and you will become addicted.
But this latte isn’t the only thing that will have you coming back for another hit. Now I want to warn you, you may not only get hooked, but walk in with just yourself and walk out with some new friends. Some new fur friends. Yes, the cats and kittens that you can see through a glass window (and can cuddle with for an hour for $15) are adoptable.

This last week they just received a litter of six month old kittens without their mother and the volunteers are bottle feeding and caring for them around the clock. They will be ready for adoption just in time for summer.

Cat and Craft Cafe is a nonprofit and they accept donations and their aim is to cover the costs of helping the kitties, so you can show your support by popping in for a coffee to warm your hands and a kitty to warm your heart <3

Learn more about Cat and Craft cafe on their website!

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