Local Love: Featuring Liv3 Clothing

There is something about stepping into Liv3 in San Marcos. Yes, you are transported. Not just in place, but in time. Like venturing into the walk-in closet of a flower child (not that a flower child would ever have a walk-in closet).

Cacti, overalls and rompers that are made to actually romp through nature. The aesthetic is earthy-- whimsical and as carefree as nature’s embrace.

Liv3 also has a classic feel-- more Woodstock than Coachella. It has a sense of being authentic and original, not a replica. Perhaps the reason for this is because Liv3 is family owned by 3 sisters Jina, Jiin (Jeanie), and Jane and started by their parents over twenty five ago. Perhaps the trans-generational business is what makes the Liv3 lifestyle feel so amazingly fresh and contemporary. Clean, bright, boho yet minimalist.

If you feel like you need to revive your style and home, a little touch from Liv3 will transform your wardrobe and space to moments of daily inspiration. In their own words: Whether you’re a mommy like us, a college or career woman, we strive to be “that” store that you rely on to meet the demands of your life.

Browse the beauty here, including gifts and outfits for your littles: shopliv3.com  But you really must go there to experience it.


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