The Woman Behind the Jewelry

We had a moment to sit down with Gerly Noland, Founder of Lemonbug and Proud Dog Mom, and we just fell in love with this company all over again!

1) What is your favorite memory of your mother and others who inspired your fashion sense?
GN: Growing up, I remember my mom wearing her jewelry to the nines. Like she had on every piece single piece she owned any time she would go out. My other inspiration was my older neighbor. She actually took the time to teach me and some of the other neighbor girls how to sew and crochet. I sewed entire outfits and she helped me enter them into contests!!

2) What did your mother wear? Do you have any memories of what she would wear?
GN: Funny, speaking of sewing entire outfits, my mom would beg me to sew her outfits too!! When I was younger, I only wanted to do so much so I think I sewed her a few things including a couple dresses.

3) Would you dress up in your mother's jewelry? Put on her makeup? High heels?
GN: Oh my gosh, I remember being so shy and bashful when I was young. My mom liked to dress me up and I was NOT having it! I was so embarrassed. I remember we took a photo in front of my grandmother's house and my mom put me in this skirt and top and this kid-play-jewelry and I did not want to wear any of it. See photo!!

4) When were you happiest?
GN: I feel so lucky because I think one of the happiest times in my life is happening right now. I'm trying my best to live in the current moment and really enjoy everything I have in my life that I was praying for not too long ago.

5) What inspired the style of Lemonbug?
GN: Really what inspired the style was the meaning of each piece. Capturing a moment on a piece of jewelry that you'll have forever.

6) How many pieces of jewelry are you wearing at any given time?
GN: I usually have on 2-3 necklaces and stacks of rings. Depending on the outfit and occasion, I'll have on earrings or a bracelet.

7) If you could bring something extinct back to life, what would you choose?
GN: Not gonna lie. I LOVE Jurassic Park so the brachiosaurus would be my choice :)

8) How old were you when you had your ears pierced?
GN: I feel like I remember being 4 or 5 years old when I had my ears pierced. I got little diamond studs.

9) What was your earliest memory?
GN: I clearly remember being in preschool and my dad walking to pick me up. We lived down the street so he would come and pick me up and we would walk home. I remember his military boots and his uniform so clearly.

10) All you need is _ ?
GN: All you need is love, compassion and a dog :)

11) What is your greatest achievement?
GN: I'd have to say getting my college degree and being the only person in my immediate family to have a college education. Neither of my parents graduated high school, even.

12) Beaches or mountains?
GN: Beaches!

13) Favorite styling trick?
GN: The best one I love to look put together... a white v-neck Madewell tee, front tucked and two gold layered necklaces. Chic and simple.

14) You can never have to much of ____?
GN: Quality time with family and friends!

15) Life is short, so ___?
GN: Love hard and laugh often <3


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