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I had the pleasure of shooting San Diego model, Dominique Lombardo for fun and of course, with some Everly Made pieces! We shot the Everly Made Signature Collection and also shot a bunch of photos for Dominique's portfolio. 

I met Dominique when I hired Hale Production Studios for a photoshoot when we rebranded Lemonbug to Everly Made. Her personality was great and she was easy to work with, not to mention her photos were stunning. Here is one of my favorite photos from that first shoot:

We both loved the session so much! We chatted throughout talking social media, strategy and future shoots. We have similar style and goals in mind so the shoot was fun and a breeze. This was my very first shoot outdoors as the photographer so I wasn't too sure of what to expect. I did know that shooting two hours before sunset gives you the best lighting but I wanted to make sure we had ample time for this very first shoot so we ended up meeting at 2pm. And it. Was. Hot. It had to be somewhere in the high 90s or low 100s that day. We shot on a Thursday afternoon. When we arrived the park wasn't very busy. I wish I had gotten more photos of the scene for you guys to see in case you're wanting to scope out the spot for your own shoot but I didn't. Big fail on my part. However, I make up for that in the next shoot we do as I come more prepared for that shoot! Here is a wider view of one spot of the park:

Here are my favorite photos from earlier in the afternoon with the sun blazing over us:

everly made cactus necklace

In these photos I played with different presets including Marissa Bouchér preset bundle and presets from the Tezza app. I personally like "mood", "film" and "summer fridays" from the Tezza app right now.

We got SO many good photos at this shoot. As the day went on, the photos got better! Here are some more favorites:

coin choker necklace


Also, I have no idea why, but as I upload some of these photos, the colors are changing in the photo. Anyway, all in all, great shoot! What was your latest photoshoot? 

Questions? Leave a comment for me below! 

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