Why Become A Lemonbug Ambassador?

What’s awesome about being a brand ambassador, is you get out what you put in. The hours are flexible and you have control of your schedule and so much money you make.

You can get paid for being social and there is an entire Brand Ambassador community to help you build your network and expand your business. In time, you learn to coach others! The experience of being an ambassador builds skills that affect many aspects of your life. Some of the areas you will grow in is management, sales, creativity, strategic thinking and networking (just to name a few).

Being a successful ambassador for one company also leads to other opportunities and more money.

So why become a brand ambassador for Lemonbug? That's a no brainer. Not only do you receive 10% commission on each referral sale you make, but you will receive a unique discount code and link that gives your friends, family and followers 15% off of their purchase.

Jewelry lovers perk up:

1) After your 3rd referral sale: We’ll send you a free "Sunny San Diego" Palm Tree Necklace!

2) After your 6th referral sale: We’ll send you our stud earrings- Apia + Lima!

3) After your 12th referral sale: We’ll send you a $75 Lemonbug gift card!

Sounds divine, right?

Here's our requirements: 
- Outgoing and active on social media, including Facebook and Instagram.
- Must be 18 years of age or older.

If you fit this criteria, fill out the form here and we will be in touch! By applying to become a Lemonbug Brand Ambassador, you are opting into the Lemonbug email list. 

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I LOVE your jewelry and would love to be a brand embassador!

Cassidy Wilbourn June 06, 2019

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