04 planning a boho picnic

Let's talk boho picnics! It is the kind of thing you see on Pinterest and think "that's so beautiful" so my friends and I planned the most dreamy birthday we could ever imagine. We chose a boho picnic theme for our friend Jen's birthday. The theme was "Jen's Birthday Under the Moonlight". To start the theme off right, we for sure needed a boho picnic table. Ours is from For the Love of Wood N Things. You can find them on Instagram here. Their products are top notch and the business is family run. Side note: I also custom ordered these charcuterie boards for gift baskets and they are SO beautiful.  

After the boho picnic table, we needed florals, food, cake, favors and wine of course! This would be the ultimate girls night & a beautiful party for the birthday girl!

The five of us planned away via group text and planned florals and bits to make the theme come alive. A lot of the dried florals for this party were purchased from Lobo Floral. They are local to me in Fallbrook, California. We used this wreath:



as well as pampas grass and other dried arrangements. We split up the food duty and made charcuterie boards at set up. The cake was from Cakes by Jeanine. You can find her on Instagram here

custom cake in riverside california

For favors, of course I had to custom make some Everly Made jewelry. 
Since the theme was "Jen's Birthday Under the Moonlight", I made two necklaces to layer featuring moon and stars. 

moon and stars necklace

boho gift wrap

Let me know in the comments if you have any boho picnic party questions!

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dreamy picnic

under the moonlight party theme

Charcuterie spread

boho picnic

boho birthday party

picnic floor table



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