02 amazon favorites

These items are all items I've actually purchased from Amazon!


the 5am club: own your morning, elevate your life by robin sharma

i've followed robin sharma for quite a long time. probably 10 years and i absolutely love his energy. love his work. love his message and even the way he talks in his delivery. highly recommend him, his podcasts and his books. the book that has really improved my life is the 5am club. love to listen on audible because i can do it in the nooks and crannies of my day-- dog walks, in the car, while i'm getting ready in the morning, etc. 

i definitely see myself purchasing a copy in a hardcover as well. its that good!


Glass Jars for My Green Smoothies
These are probably my favorite item (and most useful) that I've ever purchased on Amazon. 

glass jars for smoothies

Pantry Storage Containers
I am working on organizing our pantry items and I love these containers. Plastic is not ideal but these seem to be the best that I have found that I've liked for the pantry. They are BPA free so that is a plus. I've bought three different sizes. These ones I've used for pine nuts, walnuts and baking soda. 

Storage Container Scoops
Love these because they fit under the lid of the OXO Pop Containers. 

Lazy Susan
Lazy Susan's remind me of my dad. We used to have this huge wood one that my dad always liked to refer to and I remember even in my head how he used to say it "lazy susan". I like this one for spices and vitamins. 



Designer Dupe Sunglasses
I first saw these on Courtney Shields. I ordered the black and leopard colors. I actually ended up returning the leopard because the shape was a little wonky (probably from a return) but the black were perfect. They are very comfortable too!



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