Accessories For Every Wedding Guest

May 13, 2019

Accessories For Every Wedding Guest


Wedding season is here, and we got you covered-- well mostly, with a few drop-backs.

For a boho wedding:

You life-loving, bohemian goddess, show some skin and take it to the max with this maxi:

Pair with these massive hoops and this earthy, feminine, clutch:

For a glamorous wedding:

Never one to withhold-- for a glamorous wedding, go bold with this dress:

Your clutch:

Pair with:

Minimalist earrings + a statement piece for your gorgeous neckline:

And a wrap for that evening chill:

For a mix of modern and feminine:

Your look is all about the pomp and frill, while still wearing the pants:

Pair with understated earrings and a ring that makes a statement:

Unforgettable Guest

You know when to make things pop, and when to play it down. This balanced mix, makes for an eye-catching entrance and all-evening inspiration.

Take it to the max with a maxi:

Pair with a s
leek and antique clutch

Simple elegance with this feminine choker:

And va-va-voom earrings for a head-turning effect:

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Size Charts

Necklace, Chain & Choker Sizing

Use a piece of string to wrap around your neck where you want the necklace to sit. Use a ruler to measure the string length. That length is what you should order. For example, if your measurement was 13.5", then you would order 13-14". 

Bangle Bracelet Sizing


Chain & Bead Bracelet Sizing

Use a piece of string to measure around your wrist. Add 1/4" to that measurement for a snug fit or add 1/2" for a comfortable fit. If you're purchasing as a gift, you may want to consider adding a 1" extender to the bracelet for an adjustable fit. The "one size fits most" size is 6.5" with a 1" adjustable extender.

Bar Size Comparison Chart

bar size comparison chart

Disc Comparison Size Chart