Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

You picked them because they were with you every step of the way, and now that you are about to step down the aisle, a gift to simply say "thank you" can be overwhelming. It has to be meaningful and unique, but also something she will wear. You want something that will last. We've made it easy for you. Here are our top three bridesmaid gift ideas that will say "I couldn't have done this without you", but in much fewer words:

Classic Bar Necklace

You can stamp your wedding date and her name, or the date of when you first met. If you are the older sister, this would be her birthday. So sweet.

Cluster Necklace

This is my favorite gift idea, because the bar is a perfect fit for your bridesmaid's name, and you can also include your and her initials inside the coin. Personal. Intentional. Timeless.

Classic Cuff Bracelet

For the sassy one in your bride tribe, opt for a sentimental stamp like 'best bitches'. But you can personalize this sexy and sleek accessory with anything! Except maybe a long form poem. You may need to get a few more bracelets to fit it all ;-)

Congratulations both on your wedding, and on having the best gal pals to share your special day AND this life! So here's to all your BFFs, college buds and sister wives! 

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