Spring Jewelry Cleaning

In anticipation for the time honored ritual of spring cleaning, or sparking joy, as Marie Kondo would say, we thought it might be fun to give some tips on jewelry cleaning + care. Let’s spark some sparkle in our gems.

So first thing, we all know how important water is. You must drink a lot of it, especially going into summer, but try to keep it away from you rings + all jewelry things. Swimming, working out and washing dishes can all lead to oxidation. No good.

So, you know that moisturizer that gives your skin it’s glow? Keep it up! But when removing your jewelry pieces at night gently wipe them down-- because for your favorite necklace, that oil is a no glow.

And it doesn’t take much-- just a polishing cloth. Try to stay away from abrasive chemicals or cleaners, both when wearing and cleaning your beautiful pieces.

These are all good notes for tidying up, now for the deep clean:
You will need: an ultrasoft toothbrush, gentle soap, a bowl for mixing and warm water for… washing :-)

Fill the bowl with lukewarm water and add just a bit of mild dish soap. Place your piece gently in the bowl and let it sit for a minute or two. Then, take your toothbrush and scrub it softly. The trick here is to get into the gaps where dirt and oil have built up along the chain.

Rinse until the soap is completely gone and then dry extra well. Remember jewelry doesn’t like water to sit on it.

And there you go! Your jewelry collection will be sparkling joy.

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