The Dreamer Collection

The Dreamer Collection by Kennedy Frazer x Lemonbug
We partnered with one of our favorite bloggers, Kennedy Frazer, to create a collection that is uplifting and inspiring for our community of positive minded women. We want to share with you the meaning behind each piece...
The Love Ring
Love is what brings us up. It creates the deepest reach into our experience and increases with each person we encounter. It never divides, just grows bigger. when you fall in love with life, every limitation disappears. With that in mind, we created this ring as a reminder that you have an unlimited ability to think with love.
The Hope Ring
Hope is a rush of energy and possibility growing deep within you. Hope takes both courage and gives courage. This ring was designed as a visible promise you give yourself for a beautiful tomorrow.
The Joy Ring
Think about what brings you joy. Do what brings you joy. Wearing this ring will remind you to live beyond the circumstances of your life and to focus, not on what if, but on finding the joy in what is.
The Faith Ring
Feed your faith and let it guide you through the darkness. Let it illuminate the present with trust in the future. This ring is a reminder to let your faith guide you each day in believing that all things are possible.
We hope one of these pieces resonates with you as a beautiful daily reminder. It'll be a ring you never want to take off. Grab one for you and a friend! Click here to head to the shop!



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