Weekly Horoscope [week of 5/20/19]

Horoscope for the Week of May 20th


Keep your head up. There is an end in sight. If you are mourning a past love, that will process will come to a conclusion and you can begin opening yourself up to all that life has to offer soon. Be sure to keep your side of things clean in all business related matters this week.


Time to exercise restraint. Someone you work with will reveal their true intentions to you soon. Trust your gut and withhold judgement as much as possible.


You may be feeling very optimistic and ready for everything. Try to pace yourself. Look at the big picture and don’t worry about little failures along the way. By keeping a broad vision you will accomplish great things/


Some projects that mean a lot to you will be greenlight this week. Jump on every opportunity and gather the courage to push forward in your personal and professional life.


Your mantra this week should be I’m a lion, hear me roar. Boldness will be required to get through the week. So summon your inner queen and slay.


You may be feeling very sensitive. Take your time with making decisions this week. Your gut will be heightened, but you may read too much into things.


As the Taurus new moon aligns on May 4, elements of your life are aligning into profound and fruitful way. You may not have all the control, but you can begin to let go and trust a bit more.


Staying in your lane will benefit you this week. As triggers arise from your past, observe them and let them pass.


Indulge your dreamy side this week! Though often pragmatic sticks to routine, don’t be afraid to venture out this week.


Keep yourself grounded though you may feel your intuition and optimism running high. Your sudden rush of excitement might be due in part to the planetary configuration.


Remember, time is the universe’s way of making sure everything doesn’t happen at once. This is the week to really reflect on the time you do have and how to maximize it. Backing off of social media may be all you need to become successful.


Prepare for financial success this next month. You are about to land something that you have worked really hard for. If you hit a roadblock, look for another way around.



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