Weekly Horoscope [week of 04/22/19]

Horoscope for the week of April 22, 2019

Courage this week! If you see an opportunity, don’t be afraid to fail. Friday brings a full moon in Libra, so prepare for intensity in your relationships. Any conflict is best hashed out in a casual setting. Fire pit and some wine? Perfect.

Cue up your receptivity. Asses your priorities-- with Venus in Pisces this month, expect temptation and posh, social opportunities. Exercise your natural charisma and power, but be keen to see how everything unfolds. Don’t jump before seeing where you will land.

Keep your energy up: A grueling process is before you. Remember how far you have come and how much work went in to getting where you are today. If this opportunity doesn’t pan out, it doesn't erase all your hard work. Be patient.

Be all ears! You are very teachable this week. Look to expand and acquire new skills. Repurpose and reuse what you have already created to work smarter rather than work harder.

Now is the time to rise above the white noise. Keep your sights high and if someone around you asks for help, bring them up with you! Joy loves company, especially this week.

Time to step out onto the road map you have prepared. This week brings adventure and unexpected visitors. Embrace the change and be honest with yourself when encountering these experiences. You don’t have to smile all the way through.

Liberation! You are free to take some time to yourself and develop new dreams and desires. But remember you don’t have to be in control, however, this week some health skepticism will benefit you.

You will be caught in a conflict either with others, yourself, or competing ideas. Consider all of your options carefully. Where you invest your energy will pay off later down the road.

Wishes may be fulfilled this month. Stay hopeful and alert. If an opportunity presents itself, look for the cheaper option. And if someone from the past walks into your life this week, be open and helpful. Follow your heart.

Turn your attention to those aspects of your life that enrich you. You may have been hustling hardcore and it’s time to put energy back into your energy bank. You can’t run on fumes.

Communication is key this month. Leave the past in the past and move forward to brighter, broader horizons. If you feel uninspired, reach out to your friends who have been there all along.

Time to assess your priorities and where your time is going. You may be realizing that your talents are not optimized to their highest potential. Reach a bit deeper and see what others have to offer you.

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