Local Love: Featuring Herb & Wood

Anyone up for a croissant with Maldon whipped butter and seasonal jam? How about a Dutch Baby Soufflé pancake with huckleberry, lemon curd, vanilla chantilly? Can I tempt you with a jamon Iberico benedict, english muffin, poached eggs, braised kale and smoked tomato hollandaise? A posh breakfast if ever there was one. At Herb and Wood you can expect nothing less.

Despite its swanky menu, this place had humble beginnings as a rubber band factory in Little Italy. Oh, how far it’s come.

They have convinced us that not only can you have toast for dinner, it’s preferred. Pop in this evening at 2210 Kettner Blvd for their avocado toast with candied jalapeño. Chef Brian Malarkey will be happy to have you. And don’t leave without trying their Fire & Thyme cocktail – peated scotch, roasted lemon & thyme syrup, firewater and angostura bitters. You won't forget it, even if you have five.

Check them out at https://herbandwood.com/


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