Weekly Horoscope [week of 05/06/19]

Horoscope for the Week of May 6th

Time to let loose to shake some things loose. If you have been holding onto some emotional baggage, it’s time to get out of your head and into your body. Let some of your obligations relax while you take some time to get the big picture back. Stepping off the treadmill will give you a pause to assess where your priorities lie.

The devil is in the details, but don’t let that deter you from your goals, even if they seem larger than life. Shyness was never your struggle, but what people say can affect anyone. Remember that others are trying to figure out how to handle their own goals and aren’t always inspired by the success of others. But don’t worry about what they think, because you may inspire them more than you know.

Charming is one way to describe you this week. That old energy that runs deep inside you is swelling up as you approach the finish line of a long standing goal. You are so close. Let your happy energy serve as fuel for knocking out the last bits of your objective.

Get ready to be inspired. This week you will not be short on inspiration and ideas. Collect them because you don’t know when they will come in handy. You are building up a library of ideas that you can pull from when the time is right.

This week is full of adventure. Perhaps an intellectual adventure. Let the wine and conversation flow. Take a little extra care with your presentation, and don’t be afraid to be a little calculated. An unexpected encounter may be coming your way and you want to be prepared, even if it’s a trip to the grocery store.

The spotlight is for you this week. Enjoy the attention and energy. This is a good week to bring your friends in on the fun and share success together. Keep communication lines open. This is not the week to burn bridges, but to build them.

Enjoy a connection that is outside of your usual day-to-day. It may be international or someone from the past. Be open and don’t be afraid to not show your emotion. But depending on your relationship status, proceed prudently and think before you speak. Some things can’t be unsaid. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself.

Nurture your day dreams, and pay attention to your night dreams. They may tip you off to what is going on inside you and dispel some of the anxiety around waking life. Now is the time to come face to face with those you have had disagreements with and make peace.

Engage fully in the stimulation you seek. Don’t be afraid to pick up your instrument that is collecting dust on the shelf or a book you have been meaning to read. This is a week for improvement and growth. Same with relationships-- those friendships that you feel have been undernourished are worth the effort and time to revive them.

Work may be eating up a lot of your creativity, but do not fight too hard. Relax into your duties and you will open up space away from the grind and anxiety to expand your mind and talents. Confide in a friend for help and don’t be afraid to feel like a failure. You are pushing through and won’t see how far you have come until you have climbed that mountain and can look out over the landscape you’ve conquered!

As Pluto rewinds in your spiritual zone from midweek until October 3, you might want to seek counsel and dig into an issue that has been unresolved for some time. Be sure to engage in self care as you dig deeper into a past. Courage and patience will help you move forward.

Time to hunker down and pay attention to your budget. If you feel that you want to seize the moment, remember that are many more moments to come. Take this time to build towards the future and reap those rewards a little further down the road.

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