What We Love About Our Moms

Dear Moms, words cannot express-- and even a photo, though worth a thousand words--
cannot express our gratitude for all you are and do. So we area using both to say:
a very happiest of Happy Mother's Day to you.


"The one thing I really love about my mom is that she is always ready to take care of a person and help with whatever you ask of her."

 -Gerly, Dreamer-Upper of Lemonbug









"My mom is my best friend and she gives the best advice!"

-Loretta, Lemonbug Multitasking Alchemist





"I love how my mom always risked being the 'bad guy' if it meant doing what is best for us."

-Christina, Lemonbug Resident Word Magician










 "My favorite thing about my mom is how supportive she is! She has always encouraged me to do whatever makes me happy and never give up on my dreams or crazy ideas." -Melissa, Lemonbug Photo Whiz









"My mom heavily encouraged my creativity when I was a kid. She was always crafting, learning how to make something new, and she shared that with me and my sister. I love working with my hands now because of it."

-Katie, Lemonbug Expert Doodler





Here's to another year of being the luckiest daughters and sons.
No matter what comes at us in life, you will always be our number one.
Love you, mom!

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