Weekly Horoscope [week of 04/15/19]

Horoscope or the week of April 15, 2019

This week is about pushing through things that may be uncomfortable. Remember that some of these challenges are temporary, and a stepping stone to bigger, better things. If you find yourself feeling down, remember to treat yourself as a friend. Sometimes the shadow following us is just our own thoughts. This week, persevere.

An unexpected romance is coming your way. Don’t be afraid to take your time and pace yourself. Good things take time. But don’t be shy. Expansive Jupiter will be retrograde from midweek until August 11 in an intense sector of your chart. Tap into your own power.

Relax and enjoy the ride as things at work may be trying and the only way out is through. Also, some awkward social moments may arise, as the sun in your friendship zone faces off with cautious Saturn and radical Pluto. Keep your boundaries up. Sometimes cheerful and stupid is the way to play it.

This is your week to tackle what’s on your plate. Playing catch-up is never fun, but more promising opportunities are just around the corner. With optimistic Jupiter turning retrograde in your sector of work and lifestyle, this could be your time to go for the gusto and expand your world. Learn new skills, seek out new experiences and cultivate habits that will energize you and bring success to your life.

A little introspecting never hurt anyone-- Adventurous Jupiter goes into reverse in your sector of leisure and self-expression and this may be the time to dig deeper within and discover more about yourself. Face confrontation with honesty and loyalty to your own feelings. This weekend, regroup.

Putting off talking to your crush? Don’t want to be the first to say sorry after a fight with your spouse? With the sun in your sector of transformation angling toward cautious Saturn and intensive Pluto, you may be inclined to not rock the boat. Aim for a balance of self expression, personal agency and generosity.

This is your time to use your words. Communication is everything as Jupiter will be retrograde in your communication zone from Wednesday until August 1. Reach for that connection that feels lost. You will be surprised how much people will respond to an earnest outreach.

This is your week to begin scheming. It’s time for some shifts and making more money, connections or creating opportunity is made more promising with Jupiter in retrograde. Follow the light and if you find a need, make the sparks fly.

As Mars continues through Gemini and your partnership zone, it could act as a spark for all kinds of new connections. Be open and try to withhold judgement this week. Unexpected compliments are coming your way. Keep smiling and you will draw opportunity to you!

This is your time to switch up your diet and exercise habits. This is the week to kickstart your vision for your health. Just because the beginning of the year started off rocky, doesn’t mean you will continue the pattern with this renewed goal. This is a week for progress, not perfection.

Are you holding yourself back? With the sun angling toward prudent Saturn and radical Pluto, this may be a good week to reflect on the challenges that you are building up in your mind. It may not be a mountain. It may just be a simple molehill. Explore.

This is a week for being yourself and not trying to show or demonstrate anything to anyone but yourself. By dropping the comparison game, you will open up space to explore avenues that will develop into greater things. Keep and open mind and keep courage.

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