Weekly Horoscope [week of 4/29/19]

Horoscope for the week of April 29th

You may receive an unexpected gift. Accept generosity as it comes your way as it will fuel you for your future endeavors. Quality time in your relationship will help you recharge as professional demands increase this week. Carve out the time.

This week, any active dreaming while you sleep should be interpreted appropriately. Do not be alarmed by seemingly bad omens. Death in a dream can mean a fresh start. Keep your perceptivity revved up as you process some unfinished business.

A time for rekindling passion in both your work and personal life-- let your spirit recharge on dreams and fantasy while taking physical action. As the queen of multi-tasking, this will be no big thang, Gemini.

Your work is made manifest this next week. You may have been feeling that there is no end in sight, but finally the light is brightening. But don’t relax just yet. This last 20% of effort is what will embolden your results.

You are no stranger to courage, but this week may require a little extra kick. Don’t worry about being perfect. If you lapse into bad habits, be patient with yourself. Not having it together all the time shows you are human, and worthy of help.

Transformation is the theme for this week. If you are feeling vulnerable, know that it’s through the cracks that the light gets in. Open the doors wide and welcome the good things the universe will be offering you this week.

New dimensions are unfolding as you explore your underused talents. Don’t sector-off your life this week. A fluidity between work and play is just the thing you need as Venus aligns with expansive Jupiter.

If health struggles are overtaking you, slow down and mitigate unnecessary stress in your life. Your mantra for this week is self-care. The rest of the world can wait. Accept help as it’s offered and unlikely friendships may spring from your situation.

Lucky in love this week. Stay open. Your positive attitude and outlook will draw more to you in the coming weeks, so hold onto your sunny-side. If an unexpected meeting occurs, take accept the moment and don’t balk. This person may be the person you needed to see all along.

This is your week to focus on family. Stay alert and present, but don’t prioritize others above them. This is your week for new announcements. New job or baby? Engagement? Moving? As the sun enters your leisure sector, the next month is time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Relish new experiences this week but don’t lose sight of the big picture. An exciting gallivant through downtown can end up in an unexpected situation that could affect relationships closest to you.

You will encounter a pleasant surprise this week. Don’t confuse this for any bait or traps set by your adversaries. Your intuitive perceptiveness will win in the end, just stay the course. Sensitivity can be a tool as much as a vulnerability.

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