06 diy wine charms • great hostess gift

easy diy wine charms 

these wine charms are so cute and make the perfect hostess gift! they're also great as a birthday gift or gift them to a friend to put a smile on their face. 

wine charms

brass stamping blanks

brass stamping blanks


brass blanks
metal design stamps • see my recommendations below
beading hoops like these ones • the ones i used were a little bit smaller but anything similar would work!
jump rings
steel block
protective eyewear

metal design stamps

you could opt for a set of a variety of stamps

you could stamp words + this set comes with a hammer and steel block
you could go with a "by the sea" theme:







here are some others i love:






gather all your supplies and make sure you have your protective eyewear on. you'll stamp each blank with your design stamp of choice.

note for larger design stamps: you will want to use the tilt and tap method as shown in the video below so that you get a good, clear impression. you hit the stamp one time then tilt the stamp up then hit again, tilt it towards you then hit again, tilt it to the right then hit again, tilt it to the left and hit again. all while keeping the stamp firmly pressed to the blank.

stamping "perfectly" takes practice so don't get discouraged if you don't get it perfect the first time around! that is what makes your piece unique!!!

attach your jump rings with pliers then attach the beading hoop and voila, you have a beautiful wine charm.

view the video tutorial here:


wine charms

which design stamps are your favorite?

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