08 diy wicker pendant lights

easy diy wicker pendant lights

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supplies needed:

drill bits (and drill)
light cords

as i was planning peter's 40th birthday party, i was inspired by these photos on pinterest. i wanted to create the ultimate whiskey and cigar lounge with a boho twist.

i searched for wicker type pendant lights and found some great ones here at ikea. they were available at a great price point but unfortunately, they wouldn't be able to deliver them so i had to look elsewhere. the new options i found were more than i wanted to pay and some were quite expensive so i sought out to make my own. enter diy wicker pendant light project...

first things first, i searched for the actual light part of the project because i wanted a bulb to actually turn on in the pendant. this wasn't just for looks only! i found these on amazon and great news, they were only $12.68 for three of them! 

next up was finding the perfect wicker basket to turn into a pendant light. i knew i needed to search for a basket that would let the light show through. most wicker baskets i was finding were closed all the way around which would not work for this project. at one point, i finally found what i was looking for! i found the ones i used at World Market here. i purchased the "large" size for my pendants. you'll want to search "open weave basket" for the kind that let the light shine through. 

after that, i searched for how i would be able to make the hole in the top of the basket and i found these drill bits to do just that!

once you have all your supplies, you'll just drill a hole in the bottom of your basket (a hole just big enough to fit the plug in side of the cord through), string the light cord through and attach the light bulb. 

whiskey and cigar lounge boho style

boho lounge

how to hang the pendants in the lounge

i used a kit like this one to hang the wire from two planter box poles. i purchased the planter box poles from for the love of wood n things. send them a direct message to purchase and tell them i sent you. they're located in riverside, california. each planter box required five 60 pound sand bags to hold the weight of the wire and pendants. at first we tried using only two and that was not heavy enough so we added three more to each side to get the wire taut enough. we then used a couple extension cords and wrapped it around the wire along with some black zip ties to get the pendants to hang with a clean look. 

a look at the planter boxes we used


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