Time to Surrender: Self-Care Ideas for the Waning Moon

There are eight phases of the moon, and the lunar current pulls us in different directions. Even if you’re new to astrology, reflecting the moon’s energy is a beautiful place to start.

During its waning phase, the bright crescent narrows to a tiny sliver and prepares to renew. Take this time to release, surrender, and be still:

  1. Soak and Soften

Fill the tub and drift away. Baths are a calming ritual with full-body benefits. Create your own cleansing bath blend with a scoop of Epsom salts, chunks of sea salt, and drops of sage and lavender.

  1. Clear Your Contacts

Who deserves your energy? What toxic relationships need to be released? This is the perfect time to quietly delete outdated contacts and unfollow accounts that no longer serve you. Make emotional space for yourself and draw closer to your dearest friends.

  1. Rest Your Liver

Skip happy hour for infused water. Take time to release tension and give your body a break – you’ve earned it. Experiment with orange-basil infused water, or steep with cucumber, lemon, and ginger

  1. Declutter Your Closet

Clothing and jewelry are outward representations of your true self. Try on everything and allow the process to feel slow and deliberate. With every item, repeat an affirmation of self-love – this is about the clothing, not you. If it feels uncomfortable or inauthentic, let it go to a local donation center.

  1. Repeat Affirmations

Many affirmations are powerful and active, but this is a time for reflection. Find a quiet place to rest and repeat these words:

I alone define who I am, and I am enough.

I am comfortable sitting in stillness.

I am responsible for how I react in every situation.

I am here, and I am now.


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